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Oral presentation at the 8th Annual Canadian National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH), November 27, 2013, Ottawa, Ontario.

In this presentation given at the Challenge of Chronic Diseases, Dr. Fong discusses the ITC.

Oral presentation at the Tobacco Control Workshop, September 17, 2013, Taiwan, Taipei.

Oral presentation at the 3rd International Cancer Research Funders (ICRF) Meeting, January 13, 2014, Paris, France.

This presentation, given at the ICRF Conference in Paris, is an overview of the ITC project.

This presentation given at the WNTD in Zambia looks at how research evidence is crucial in fighting the tobacco epidemic throughout the world, and Zambia in this example.

This presentation, given at the ECToH Conference in Istanbul, is a cross-sectional survey that investigates the placement of warnings on packs.

Presentation at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WTCOH), March 8-12, 2009, Mumbai, India.

Presented at the 6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health, November 1-4th, 2009, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.