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Presented at the Stivoro 35th Anniversary Conference, June 16, 2010, The Hague, Netherlands.

Presented at the World No Tobacco Day Event: Launch of the ITC Zambia National Report, Lusaka, Zambia on May 30, 2014

Published on the Framework Convention Alliance Website, August 24, 2005. Presented at the Jornadas Internacionales sobr Legislacion para el Control del Tabaco, August 17, 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Presented at SRNT/Second Iberoamerican Conference on Tobacco Control, September 6, 2007, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Meeting, October 29, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Tobacco Control Policies Training Workshop, October 27, 2008, Bangkok, Thailand.

This presentation provides a general overview of the ITC project.

Presented at the Stanford University Global Tobacco-Free Research Initiative Colloguium, April 10, 2008, California, USA.

Presented at the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control (CATC) Board Workshop, June 19, 2010, Beijing, China.

Oral presentation at the Tobacco Control Workshop, September 17, 2013, Taiwan, Taipei.