ITC Project

Conference Presentations


Annual Meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco, Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center, Florence, Italy, March 7-11, 2017

  1. Borland, R., Yong, H.H., Cummings, K.M., Fong, G.T., McNeill, A. The potential of electronic cigarettes for reducing the harm of tobacco in priority populations: People, places, policies, promotion, and practices. Symposium. 
  2. Yong, H.H., Lee, C., Borland, R., McNeill, A., Hitchman, S.C. Vaping in smoke-free public places, homes, and cars: Differences between UK and Australian vapers. Poster.
  3. Yong, H.H., Ma, B., Borland, R., McNeill, A. What factors influence future use intentions of current vapers and non-vapers among smokers and ex-smokers in Australia and the UK? Poster.